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Self-help for Summer Depression

Strategies to Relieve Symptoms of Reverse SAD

Mar 17, 2008 Barbara Melville
Summer SAD - Constantin Opris
Summer SAD - Constantin Opris
This article explores self-help strategies for sufferers of summer SAD, including tackling depression and staying cool in the summer sun.

Summer depression, or reverse seasonal affective disorder, is a seasonal depression affecting less than 1% of Americans during the spring and summer months. Although it is classed as a form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), summer depression is usually only mentioned in passing due to its rareness and the lack of available research.

Experiencing Summer SAD

Many applaud the arrival of the warmer, lighter months, especially those suffering with winter depression. For sufferers of summer depression, the looming hotter months may be a source of dread. Sufferers will tend to stay indoors with the curtains drawn, away from the humidity, heat and light. This can feel very frustrating, especially when others are socializing outside.

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