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Summer sad, or Reverse seasonal affective disorder

Summer Sad, R.s.a.d. Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder

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R.S.A.D reverse seasonal disorder, is a type of depression that badly affects people in the summer. It is not know exactly why this depression happens in relation to the brain, whether it is because they can’t cope with to much heat or to much sunlight it is unclear.
The origins of R.S.A.D are unknown and many people who have summer depression just think it’s down to events rather than being part of a pattern, which could take a few years to establish. If you think you may be suffering from R.S.A.D then start making a diary of your mood and the exact weather conditions. Or think back over the last few summers, can you pin point your mood. Add the way you felt with an episode of your life? Something that should have made you very happy but you still felt incredibly sad?
The symptoms for R.S.A.D are very different to S.A.D
1.  You will feel very depressed
2.  Agitation
3.  Anxiety
4.  Insomnia
5.  Poor appetite
6.  Loss of weight
7.  Increase in sexual activity but never being satisfied
8.  In extreme cases fantasies of suicide
9.  Lack of concentration
The first reported case of S.A.D was in 1984 by Dr. Wehr and Dr Rosenthal. Tyhier findings also brought up people who said they felt depressed in the summer.
The two Dr’s manipulated peoples body temperatures. People with depression tend to show higher body temperature at night and people on antidepressants show a lower body and brain temperature.
After the doctors had heated the people up, they then cooled them down with reverse thermal blankets. The people went out side feeling better but on entering the heat and light of a summer’s day all their symptoms of depression came back.
Many patients have just learnt how to deal with Summer S.A.D. but again as with the winter sadness, it seems more women than men suffer with it.
Although you are limited to treatments apart from antidepressants / mood stabilisers, there are things you can try to see if they bring you some relief.
1.  Keep out of the heat in an air-conditioned room
2.  Go outside in the evening or early morning
3.  Keep an ice pack or cold clothe around the back of your neck
4.  Sunglasses
5.  Sleep with ice-cold water bottles.
6.  Frequent cold showers
There have been some links between summer sad and bipolar, so any signs of depression should be checked by your own Doctor.
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